Terms & Conditions

These general conditions (the “General Conditions”) indicate the sale terms of the goods sold by the web site: http://www.golf-flag.eu

All sale contracts made through DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s.

DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. registered by CCIAA of Viterbo - Italy N°- 88216, represented by Mr. Giuseppe Serafini, fiscal code VAT N°- IT 01465630562 – registered by Tribunale di Viterbo n. 10332, with offices in Italy, Via Fontecedro, snc 01100 Viterbo –Italy.

TEL.   +39.348.44.10.738

E-MAIL : mailto:  info@golf-flag.eu


1.1 The prices of goods sold on line by DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. are exempt of VAT (unless otherwise specified).  The prices indicated on our web site are relative to goods on actual availability.

DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. reserves the right, to confirm or increase the price of goods offered on the website (by giving notice to the customer at any time prior to delivery).

1.2 In order to secure your order (payment of products and cost of shipping), please follow the procedure indicated in the order form provided.   

1.3 Customers paying by Credit Card, are required to indicate the number of the credit/debit card and the date of expiration.  Following this procedure, we will forward to you the protocol, PayPal or other collaborating companies (supplying electronic payment services).  Please note that in order to restrict access to non-public personal information, such information will be used exclusively by DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. to complete the procedure for your purchase.

1.4 Customers paying by Bank Draft, as indicated in the order form, are requested to make payment available to:  

DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. - Via Fontecedro, snc - 01100 VITERBO –Italia

Bank details:

IBAN    :  IT15 A030 6914 5001 0000 0005 631


2.1 In order to conclude your purchase, your are required to fill out the order form completely, which must be sent to DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s.

2.2 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. reserves the right deny any order if forms are received incomplete. 

2.3 Your invoice will be sent directly from DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s., together with the delivered goods.  If you require that we draft your invoice (under any other name), please inform us as soon as possible, as we cannot change data after having mailed your order.


3.1 All delivery costs are charged to the customer.  

3.2 Deliveries are made via express courier and goods will be delivered only after payment is received.

3.3 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. will not be held responsible for delays in delivery.  Late delivery does not give the customer the right to any form of compensation.    If for any reason a portion of your order is not delivered by DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s., we will reimburse the amount of the missing item/s within a 30 day period.   

3.4 Our customers can choose between the different couriers services.  We reserve the right to deliver goods through couriers not necessarily listed below.  Delivery is guaranteed within 2-5 working days for products in stock.

3.5 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. reserves the right to deliver goods (pertinent to the same order) in different dates.  In any case, customers will be charged for only one (1) single delivery expense.


4.1 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. warrants that all goods will be fully functional at the time of delivery.

4.2 Any complaints must be submitted within ten (10) days of the delivery date. 

4.3 Damaged goods can be replaced only if returned to DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s..   Customers do not have the right to cash refunds.

4.4 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. will not honour orders received from countries not listed in the splash page.


5.1 In agreement with the D.L. del 22 Maggio 1999 nº 185, the Client described as “the customer” according to the D.L. del 22 Maggio 1999 nº 185, has the right to terminate the contract and give back requested products, having specified the reason, within the 10 days.

5.2 The customers right of retroaction, as stated in article 5.1, will have to be exercised by the customer and present-ed to DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s., via registered mail, within 10 days.  Any communication/s received after the 10 day period, should be sent by e-mail or Fax to:

DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. Via Fontecedro, snc 01100 VITERBO, Italy

TEL.   +39.348.44.10.738   e-mail: mailto:info@golf-flag.eu

5.3 All returned items must be received complete and accompanied by the original packaging. Once returned products are received (and integrity has been verified), DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. will provide a reference number.   In any case, customers will be charged for only one (1) single delivery expense.

6. Brand property Rights and Exemption of Liability

6.1 When making your order, please note that DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. will not violate third party and/or brand regulations.  The customer exempts DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. from any and all demands generated by such third party violations.  In the case of brand violation, the customer will be responsible for refunding DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. any and all legal expenses, which may occur.

6.2 Everything that is reported on this www.golf-flag.eu website, documentation, content, text, images, logos, artwork and graphics are property of our company, are protected by copyright as well as by intellectual property. It will be therefore absolutely forbidden to copy, steal, redistribute, reproduce any phrase, or image content on this site because the result of the work and intellect of the author himself. It is prohibited to copy and playback of content and images in any form. It is prohibited redistribution and publication of content and images not expressly authorized by the author.

7. Privacy    

7.1 Subscribing to www.golf-flag.eu means that your data is secure!   Precise data processing is carried out to assure our clients the utmost respect of privacy. 

7.2 According to privacy law- N° 675-96, Art. 12, code 1, - B), C), D) and F), N°- 675/96 modified in Art. 28, code 4 – letter A of Law N°- 675/96 and Art. 20 of code 1, letter A, we will use your data exclusively to carry out your order or (when authorized) to communicate promotional offers.


8.1 Please note that general sales conditions are drawn up in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.   In the case interpretation is questioned, only the Italian version will bear authority according to Art. 1, letter B of the Law of 22nd May 1999 N°- 185, and governed by VITERBO court - Italy.

8.2 According to civil laws 1341 and 1342, the customer declares to have read and understood the full terms and conditions of this contract.   Specifically, the customer accepts in full clauses, terms and sales conditions as listed in  :1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4,  2.1,2.2,2.3,  3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4,3.5,  4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4.,  5.1,5.2,5.3,  6.1,  7.1,7.2 and  8.1.