Delivery Information


3.1 All delivery costs are charged to the customer.

3.2 Deliveries are made via express courier and goods will be delivered only after payment is received.

3.3 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. will not be held responsible for delays in delivery. Late delivery does not give the customer the right to any form of compensation. If for any reason a portion of your order is not delivered by DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s., we will reimburse the amount of the missing item/s within a 30 day period.

3.4 Our customers can choose between the different couriers services. We reserve the right to deliver goods through couriers not necessarily listed below. Delivery is guaranteed within 2 - 5 working days for products in stock.

3.5 DERBY SADDLERY S.a.s. reserves the right to deliver goods (pertinent to the same order) in different dates. In any case, customers will be charged for only one (1) single delivery expense.